Car Paint Restoration
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Term & Condition


Detailing Devils Sonipat warranty is valid exclusively if the service is acquired from a certified studio & is registered online.

1. Armor Reload, Armor Pro and Armor Absolute

  • Warranty is valid for the paint of the automobile’s body.
  • After application, bypass washing/scrubbing your vehicle for two days. Get your automobile after 2 days for a free first wash. (Note: only 1st wash is free).
  • Within 10 days of restoration 1st ceramic wash can be obtained for free no requests will be entertained after that.
  • The first automobile appraisal should be done after one year of treatment and afterwards one time a year.
  • Yearly assessment can only be obtainable before 30 days or after 30 days from the year of completion date. No requests will be entertained after the warranty period gets expired.

2. Warranty will only be validated void if:

  • If your warranty is not registered online, in that scenario, reach our Sonipat studio immediately and obtain it registered.
  • The coating is either dismissed or overcoated with any additional product.
  • After application of coating if the automobile is washed/scrubbed within 2 days.
  • Soiling, contusion, tints, bleaches, solvents, acid, burns, stains, mishaps, defacement or delinquency/ faults caused on car owner end.
  • Deterioration due to the accident.

3. To keep the genuineness of the warranty, consult the Detailing Devils Sonipat 24*7.

  • Reach Sonipat coating studio straight away and notify them concerning the damage problem.
  • The service assessment in charge will then inspect your automobile during business hours in the coating studio.
  • Post appraisal if your claims get accepted. Then our service inspector will reach you with a mutually suitable period and place.
  • Feed your Invoice/warranty card to obtain the warranty. (Warranty must be valid only it is registered online).
  • If the claim is not done within 30 days of observing the issue, it will by default set Detailing Devils Sonipat agent complimentary of any permitted debts.
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